Console Projects >> You Don't Know Jack Controls v1 (retired)

Intro: I Do Know Jack!

Note: This project is marked as "retired", since it has been completely re-done.
Check out the You Don't Know Jack Controller v2 to see the new and improved incarnation of this project.

This is the project that basically kicked off the Console Encoder Box project. Again, I wanted to make sure that the controllers were separate from the encoder housing, and that's exactly what I did with this project. If you haven't already, read the write-up on the Console Encoder Box project, because it ties into this project.

Once I decided to install You Don't Know Jack on the family room PC, I knew that having three people huddled around a keyboard just wasn't going to cut it, so I decided to build a custom controller for playing YDKJ. The Build Your Own Arcade Controls website had started the groundwork on this type of project already - they had hacked a keyboard and made the hand-buzzers, but it was never completed. I figured that taking this project to completion would be right up my alley...


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